Clarkston Proposed Zoning Reform Information

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The Clarkston City Council is considering zoning reform that consists of three major components:

(1) revising zoning ordinances to require Planning and Zoning Board review and public hearings for Conditional Use Permit, and to increase advance public notice of any application for a variance, rezoning or conditional use permit;

(2) revising zoning ordinances to encourage downtown development and improvement of the housing stock;

(3) legalizing and permitting the provision of child care and early learning schools in Clarkston apartment complexes.

Currently the contemplated zoning reform have only been discussed in joint Housing & Infrastructure and Community Development  SAC Meetings, and not before the full Council. 

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Further discussion of the proposed zoning reform is summarized in the Committee Document.
View the Draft version(s)
Draft 1  Zoning Reform Document (3-18-19)

Updated   Zoning Reform Document - (All compiled edits 3-29-19) 
Updated  Zoning Reform Document ( 5-16-19)
Resident Feedback captured from the September 26, 2018 SAC Meeting.

Questions should be directed to Council Member Jamie Carroll