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Council Meeting August 2, 2017

Tuesday, August 2, 2017
Officials Present
Mayor: Ted Terry
Council: Dean Moore, Awet Eyasu, Jamie Carroll, Beverly Burks
City Manager: Keith Barker 
City Clerk: Tracy Ashby 
City Attorney: Stephen Quinn
Mayor Ted Terry called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.
Roll Call: Dean Moore, Awet Eyasu, Jamie Carroll, Beverly Burks 
Absent: Ahmed Hassan, Mario Williams 
Pledge of Allegiance
C1) Approve Minutes for 7-6-17 Council Meeting and the 7-19-17 Special Session Meeting
Awet Eyasu made a motion to approve the minutes for 7-6-17 Council Meeting and the 7-19-17 Special Session Meeting.  Jamie Carroll seconded the motion. Dean Moore asked for the source of clarification on the special session minutes where the mayor mentioned that a CRC applicant had withdrawn their application and then the application was still submitted from consideration. Further discussion on the question.  There were no requested changes to the minutes.  A vote was called and the motion carried (4, 0).
Kim Boudreaux, non-resident, spoke in support of the tiny house ordinance.  
Chris Busing Mauck Street, spoke on issues surrounding his home business and code concerns.  He further disused the value of researching state codes. 
Mayor Terry closed Public comments
F1) Appoint Final Resident member of the Charter Review Committee
Mayor Terry recognized Traci Turgeon and Petra Ehlert in attendance of the council meeting, who are  two of the four applicants,  for the Charter Review Committee.  YT Bell and Laura Hopkins were unable to attend the meeting.  Ms. Turgeon and Ms. Ehlert both spoke at the work session on their interest to serve on the committee. Dean Moore made a motion to accept Traci Turgeon as the final member of the Charter Review Committee.  Awet Eyasu seconded the motion.  Awet Eyasu stated he was upset that the mayor had said Ms. Bell had withdrawn her application at the July 19 special session and would not, now clarify how he came to that information. Further discussion on the issue. A vote was called and the motion passed (4, 0).
F2)  Adopt Ordinance to Amend Appendix A Article IX – Planned Developments – To Encourage and Regulate Cottage Housing
Councilman Jamie Carroll stated this was an item that he and the Planning and Zoning Committee has been working on to provide for more affordable housing in Clarkston. Mayor Terry spoke in support of the “tiny house” ordinance. Jamie Carroll made a motion to approve the amendments to Appendix A Article IX – Planned Developments with the amendment that under section 904 B(6) for units that do not exceed 650 sf on the main floor, the minimum parking spaces shall be 1.5 instead of 1.25 spaces. Beverly Burks seconded the motion.  Discussion on potential impact on parking space changes on a proposed development with Tiny Houses Atlanta. They believed they could accommodate the parking spaces change for their project. A vote was called and the motion carried (4, 0).
1)  Planning & Zoning Report 
Shawanna Qawiy had no Planning & Zoning report.  Mayor Terry asked for information on a rezoning posting.  Mrs. Qawiy provided an update on the 3449 Church Street /Glendale rezoning request for potential townhomes development. The rezoning request will go to the August 15 Planning and Zoning Committee meeting.
2) City Manager’s Report
The City Manager provide the Financial Report thru July 31, 2017. Staff submitted a request for grant funding under the GDOT Off-Systems Safety program and received $80,000 award (with 30% match).  We have identified a project to extend on the current Streetscape Project on East Ponce from Market Street to Montreal Rd.  Mr. Barker advised that work has begun on Phase I of the I-285 beautification project.  The next phase will be building a 25ft Clarkston Entrance sign at that location. He discussed the DeKalb County water main line replacement project and he encouraged residents to attend the next meeting. Mr. Barker discussed the city’s upcoming utility poles co-locate and relocation process. The City manager reported on the success of the National Night Out Event (8/1) with the participation of 13 non-profit organizations and an attendance of 400-500 guests. He reported on several upcoming events: Human Family Mural ribbon cutting (8/10), Movies at Milam for a free showing of Cars 2 (9/15) and the Clarkston Food Truck Fest (10/14). He reminded residents of the four free upcoming monthly Police Community Classes.
3)  City Attorney’s Report
Stephen Quinn reported on the meeting he attended with DeKalb County/City Attorneys regarding the SPLOST E-Host meetings. He advised there were changes to the previous SPLOST legislation that eliminates the use of funds for administration facilities.  The allowed uses are for transportation, public safety and repairs to capital outlay projects.  He detailed the timeline for adoption.
4)  Council Remarks
Beverly Burks reported on the purging of inactive voter and residents should check their status with voter registration. She reported on the qualifying period for candidates for the November 7 Municipal Election.
Jamie Carroll thank the Mayor, Council and Planning & Zoning for the help with approving the “tiny Houses” ordinance. 
Dean Moore commented that he heard a transportation report from ARC  that children born today will never have to drive a car. 
5)  Mayor’s Report
Mayor Terry –No report.
Awet Eyasu made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Beverly Burks seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (4, 0).
Meeting adjourned. 
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