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Council Minutes April 4, 2017

Tuesday April 4, 2017
Officials Present
Mayor: Ted Terry
Council: Dean Moore Mario Williams, Awet Eyasu, Ahmed Hassan, Jamie Carroll, Beverly Burks
City Manager: Keith Barker 
City Clerk: Tracy Ashby 
City Attorney: Stephen Quinn
Mayor Ted Terry called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.
Roll Call: Dean Moore, Mario Williams, Awet Eyasu, Ahmed Hassan, Jamie Carroll, Beverly Burks 
Pledge of Allegiance
C1)  Approve Minutes for 3-7-17 URA Meeting, Council Meeting and 3-21-17 Special Session
Awet Eyasu made a motion to approve the minutes for the 3-7-17 URA Meeting and Council Meeting.. Ahmed Hassan seconded the motion.  Discussion.  Mayor Terry asked if he included the minutes for the Special Call meeting.  Awet Eyasu amended his motion to include the 3-21-17 Special Session minutes. Ahmed Hassan seconded the motion. A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0).
Michelle Battle addressed concerns with the prohibition for new convenience store to have beer/wine alcohol license approved. She represents the store under construction at 1051 Montreal Rd that had been purchased and intended to have convenience store with package alcohol sales. She acknowledged that they had not submitted an application during the consideration and passing of the amended alcohol package ordinance, as the ordinance requires a property to be fully constructed before submitting applications for license.
Debbie Gaffman, Mell Ave, voiced concerns for parking issue for the Ponce Sports Lounge locations and she requested Sears pool create a schedule for water checks to verify compliance with requirements.
Visiting Guest and previous soccer coach discussed the importance of an afterschool soccer program for local children.
Sagal Radio, and several other guests, voiced their support for afterschool soccer program.
Shannon Willow voiced the importance of the public art and hoped the council would support her funding request for her mural project.
Public Comments closed.
F1)  Approve Alcohol Restaurant License Application- Ponce Café & Sport Lounge
Mr. Barker advised that the owner of Ponce Café and Sports Lounge has made application for an alcohol beverage license for Beer/Wine/Malt and Distilled Spirits. To date: all of the required inspections for alcohol application have been performed and passed as well as all of the required background checks. The ARC has performed a thorough review of the various components to this application. Staff has notified the business owner of pertaining ordinances, including Sec. 3-27, which articulates the provisions for by-the-drink sales of alcohol only being allowed at bona fide restaurants.  Mr. Barker reported that the parking issues will be addressed with the streetscapes. Most of the front parking is CSX right of way and will be turned into a plaza area.  Under the right of way acquisition, the funds paid for the acquisition will be used by the owner to make improvements to the side and rear parking.  Dean Moore discussed the current clean indoor air requirements for restaurants. 
Awet Eyasu made a motion to approve the alcohol Restaurant License Application- Ponce Café & Sport Lounge. Mario Williams seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0). 
F2)  Approve Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG) Application
Mr. Barker advised that this item is to consider the FY 2017 Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG) Off System Safety (OSS) grant application submittal to the Georgia Department of Transportation and to authorize the Mayor to execute all required documentation.
Each year, Georgia cities and counties have the opportunity to submit applications to GDOT to receive funds earmarked for transportation and infrastructure improvement. Successful applications require a commitment of the governing authority to match the LMIG OSS grant funds and demonstrate successful implementation of previous LMIG projects and appropriateness of the proposed project.
The attached application request for “Additional LMIG Funding” will be applied towards Phase III of the East Ponce de Leon Sidewalk Improvement Program. The project limits for this final phase of work on East Ponce de Leon Ave is from Montreal Rd to Market Street. The project scope is 420 feet in length and will include the following:
• Replace 2-3 foot wide and non-ADA compliant sidewalks,
• Driveway reconstruction with ADA ramps,
• Driveway consolidation to reduce the number of turning conflicts on East Ponce de Leon
• New granite or concrete header curb, and
• Resurfacing a 138 feet deceleration lane on East Ponce de Leon that was omitted from the PH II submittal in 2016
The estimated project cost is $78,147 and requires a minimum 30% match from the City.
Ahmed Hassan made a motion to approve Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG) Application. Beverly Burks seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0). 
F3)  Approve Contract Renewal with Sears Pool Management Consultants, Inc
The City Manager reported that the current agreement for pool management and servicing expires April 30, 2017. This item proposes to renew the Agreement for an additional three (3) year term beginning May 1, 2017 and ending April 30, 2020. This current agreement provides for a 2.7% increase in compensation for services annually. Sears Pool Management Consultants, Inc. has agreed to forgo any fee adjustments for the remaining term of the agreement upon acceptance of the attached agreement.
Mr. Barker advised that with regard to water quality testing, DeKalb County Board of Health requires pools test twice per day and it is has been our policy to test three times per day.  Mr. Barker has contacted the president of Sears Pool and they have agreed for this year to test hourly. 
Further discussion on the specifics of the contract.
Ahmed Hassan made a motion to approve the Contract Renewal with Sears Pool Management Consultants, Inc. Dean Moore seconded the motion.  Discussion. Ahmed Hassan amended his motion to approve the contract with addendum to require testing three times per day, keep a written record for the season and to make it available to the City Manager upon request. Dean Moore seconded. Vote to amend the motion Yes 6, No – 0).  Mayor Terry called for  a vote on the amended motion( yes- 6, No-0). Motion approved. 
F4)  Adopt Resolution Authorizing, Among Other Things, Amending the FY2016 Operating Budget from $6,491,712 to $6,744,419
The City Manager detailed that the City of Clarkston approves an annual budget at the beginning of each fiscal year based on projected revenues and expenditures.  Throughout the year, various factors influence the budget which impacts projected revenues being realized and which affect necessary expenditures.   As part of our annual audit review, the Georgia Department of Accounts and Audits monitors our budget vs. actuals reports at the legal level of control, which for the City of Clarkston is by fund and departmental level.   The City amended the 2016 operating budget in December 2016 at the same time the FY2017 Budget was adopted.  This budget amendment in needed to correct the Final 2016 Amended budget appropriations based on actual expenditures in FY2016.  The specific amendments are as follows:
General Fund: Increase General Fund Capital Expenditures Streetscape Project by $24,000 to $343,826 to $367,826, offset with an increase of $24,000 in General Fund Revenues Loan Proceeds from SRTA.   This amendment is due to significant lag time in receiving final invoices from vendors after December 31, 2016.
Police Federal Seizures Fund: Increase Expenditures by $11,776 for upgrading Computer Video Surveillance equipment, offset with an increase Federal Seizures Confiscations Revenues of $11,776.
Grants Fund: Increase Grants Fund Expenditures for Minority Youth Violence Program (MYVP) Grant from DeKalb Board of Health by $5,000, offset with an increase of $5,000 to MYVP Grant Revenue from DeKalb County Board of Health.  This is due to the grant cycle covering two DeKalb County fiscal year periods in Clarkston’s calendar fiscal year.  
Awet Eyasu made a motion to adopt Resolution Authorizing, among Other Things, amending the FY2016 Operating Budget from $6,491,712 to $6,744,419. Jamie Carroll seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0). 
F5)  Approve Pet Day Resolution 
Beverly Burks reported that Clarkston is designating April 29, 2017, as Clarkston Pet Wellness Day. She stated that the event will provide Clarkston residents free pet vaccinations, an opportunity to talk to a Dog Trainer, Reading time with Therapy Dogs and a workshop on Dog Bite Prevention.  Councilman Williams commended Councilwoman Burks on her efforts in putting this event together and he advised they hoped to have vouchers available on the day of the event, rather than asking people to sign up. 
Beverly Burks made a motion to adopt Pet Day Resolution. Awet Eyasu seconded the motion.  Discussion on current leash laws and any current violations. A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0). 
F6)  Approve Mural Proposal
Beverly Burks stated it is a great joy to have public art in our City and she appreciated the Mayor bringing this item forward.  Artist Shannon Willow discussed the proposed project and thanked the Council for supporting the project.  
Mario Williams made a motion to appropriate $7,500 from the FY 2017 General Fund Operating Budget for the Adams Center Mural Project. Beverly Burks seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0). 
F7)  Approve Request for Funding, Fifth Annual Tell Me a Story! Festival
Dean Moore reported this will be the Fifth year for this great event with tremendous benefits for the children of Clarkston.  He hoped the City would help support the growth of the event with a $2,000 contribution. 
Mario Williams   made a motion to. Beverly Burks seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0). 
1)  Planning & Zoning Report 
Shawanna Qawiy – No report.
Mayor Terry asked if there had been any additional applications for the vacant Planning and Zoning Committee. Mrs. Qawiy reported that there were the submissions by Ms. Bell and former Mayor Ransom.
2) City Manager’s Report
The City Manager provided the financial report thru March 31, 2017.  Phase III of the sidewalk project is nearly completed and he encouraged residents to see the improvement. The start of the Friendship Forest project has begun with the clearing of dead trees/limbs and some invasion plants and they have met with the wetlands consultant designer to begin that aspect of the project. Mr. Barker advised that due to the I-85 bridge collapse, GDOT will not currently permit any projects that require any lane closures to proceed. He reminded attendees that the Clarkston Community Fest will be held on April 22 in the Downtown/Market Street area. 
3)  City Attorney’s Report
Stephen Quinn reported on Councilman Eaysu’s question on hours of operation for businesses and all businesses must close 2:00am Sunday thru Thursday and 2:55am on Friday and Saturday.  All businesses that serve alcohol must stop sales five minutes before closing. 
4)  Council Remarks
Dean Moore commended Officer Brewer for tracking down a relative for a man that was lost and wandering on his property.
Mario Williams reported he attended Clarkston High School Career day and spoke to the sophomore class on successful business. 
Awet Eyasu reported he attended Atlanta Diversity Panel discussion and he joined Mayor Terry for the Trees Atlanta planting.
Beverly Burks asked the residents to attend the Pet Wellness Day on April 29 and volunteers are welcome.  She attended the State of DeKalb County meeting as well as a DDA (Downtown Development Authority) Training Class.
5)  Mayor’s Report
Mayor Terry reported he participated in the Tree Planting, along with 80 volunteers and they were able to switch from Crepe Myrtles to Eastern Redbuds. He stated he spoke at International Visitors delegation at the Clarkston Community Center as a part of the Strong Cities Network. 
ean Moore made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Awet Eyasu seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0). 
Meeting adjourned.
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