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Council Minutes May 2, 2017



Tuesday May 2, 2017

Officials Present

Mayor:                         Ted Terry
Council:                       Dean Moore Mario Williams, Awet Eyasu, Ahmed Hassan, Jamie Carroll, Beverly Burks
City Manager:             Keith Barker
City Clerk:                  Tracy Ashby
City Attorney:            Stephen Quinn

Mayor Ted Terry called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Roll Call: Dean Moore, Mario Williams, Awet Eyasu, Ahmed Hassan, Jamie Carroll, Beverly Burks

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Terry allowed Public Comments to go first in the Agenda Order.


Warren Hadlock requested that the Council to take further time to consider the proposed non detainer policy before approving.

Mr. Omar asked the council to support the adopting the non-detainer policy.

Ms. Gloria Kilanko asked the council to approve the non-detainer policy.

Ms. Stephanie Ali asked the Council to support adopting the non-detainer policy.

Stephanie, Clarkston Condo owner addressed a concern with second hand smoke from an adjacent neighbor with children. She questioned if any regulation or assistance are available to address the second hand smoke. She also questioned if the Council could adopt an ordinance to place a cap on HOA dues.

John Beck addressed his concerns with the overstepping of the Executive Branch and he supports the approval of the non-detainer policy.

Ms. Cottle asked the Council to adopt the non-detainer policy.

Public Comments closed.


C1) Approve Minutes for 3-30-17 Special Session and 4-4-17 Council Meeting
Jamie Carroll made a motion to approve the minutes for the 3-30-17 Special Session and 4-4-17 Council Meeting.  Awet Eyasu seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0).

C2)  Officer of the Quarter Sgt Sparks and Police Certificate of Appreciation SGT Fonseca, Officers Hazlewood and Konger
Mr. Barker attested to the importance of recognizing the contributions of employees and particularly the Public Safety Department.

Lt Hess and Chief Hudson presented the Officer of the Quarter to Sgt Curley Sparks.
Chief Hudson presented Certificates of Appreciation to SGT Fonseca.

Detective Elliott and Chief Hudson presented Certificate of Appreciation to Officer Hazlewood (not able to attend) and Officer Konger.

Sgt Sparks and Chief Hudson presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Officer Konger.


F1) Approve the Safe Play Area Ordinance
Beverly Burks reported this ordinance was drafted in response to a residents concern to safeguard children in daycare playgrounds that are adjacent to major roads. The proposed ordinance would provide a setback of 50 feet from a major road or alternatively an approved guardrail could be installed. The major roads were listed in the ordinance are: Brockett Road; Church Street; East Ponce de Leon Avenue; Montreal Road; Norman Road; and North Indian Creek Drive. Councilwoman Burks advised that the item would be taken to the Committee to allow further review and input from the public.  Beverly Burks made a motion to defer the ordinance to the Committee.   Dean Moore seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0).

F2)  Approve Non-Detainer Policy
Mario Williams stated this was a non-detainer brought to the Council by Gloria Kilanko and Project South. He advised that under the non-detainer policy City officials and employees shall communicate and cooperate with ICE with regard to reporting immigration status information, but that the City of Clarkston would not detain or extend the detention of any individual at the request of ICE unless ICE first presents City of Clarkston with a judicially issued warrant authorizing such detention. He addressed the unconstitutionality of the current executive order and the unlikelihood of any alternative information being later provided to counter the approving of the proposed non-detainer policy.

Beverly Burks thanked Councilman Williams for bringing this policy to the council for consideration. She stated the importance of supporting our community and its members.

Awet Eyasu made a motion to approve the non-detainer policy. Dean Moore seconded the motion.  Jamie Carroll reported he supported this resolution but wanted to insure the community understood that Clarkston has not been asked by ICE to detain anyone, and could not, as the City does not have a jail.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0).

  1. REPORTS: 

1)  Planning & Zoning Report
Shawanna Qawiy  reported that the Planning & Zoning Committee approved four sign permits at the April Meeting for Nepali Bazaar, Sarem Café, Exxon and Wessen Studio.

2) City Manager’s Report
The City Manager provided an updated on the Capital Projects Phases for Friendship Forest. He advised that the E Ponce de Leon Phase III Sidewalk Project on 95 percent complete. Mr. Barker provided information for accessing the Clarkston radio segments that are being recorded and broadcast on Sagal Radio.  He provided the financial report thru April 30, 2017. 

3)  City Attorney’s Report
Stephen Quinn reported that DeKalb County has officially approved and signed the IGA to transfer the 40 Oaks Property to the City.  The deed has not been received but the contractual agreement has been executed.

4)  Council Remarks
Dean Moore thanked the attendees for coming and providing the feedback on their issues.  

Mario Williams also thanked the audience for attending and commended Beverly Burks for the success of the Pet Wellness Day she spearheaded.

Awet Eyasu commended the organizers, volunteers and staff for the success of the Clarkston Culture Fest. He thanked Councilman Williams for setting up the Public Safety meeting to first discuss the non-detainer policy.

Ahmed Hassan thanked the organizations that have assisted and the Council for adopting the non-detainer policy.

Jamie Carroll thanked the attendees that spoke in support of the non-detainer policy and the full citizen engagement for the Public Safety meeting and this Council meeting.

Beverly Burks reported on the success of the Pet Wellness day and the important education that was provided to address pet safety. She encouraged residents to come out when they hold a Committee meeting to address pet leash and fencing issues.  She thanked Tracy Bishop for bringing the idea for pet wellness event to the Council and encouraged residents to put forth their ideas to the Council.

Mr. Barker reported that May 26th will be the Milam Pool opening day from 10a-2p.  Admission will be free and there will be giveaways and music. He is attempting to organize a summer tennis program and was hopeful they would be holding a tennis event on the 26th starting at 9am.

5)  Mayor’s Report
Mayor Terry stated he would review if the nuisance ordinance could apply to the second hand smoke issue raised earlier during public comments.  He discussed the vacancy in the Planning & Zoning Committee seat. The Mayor discussed the various International Delegations that have visited the City of Clarkston. He reminded the public of the Community Mural Painting Day for May 20th and encouraged the residents to participate.

Awet Eyasu made a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss a legal matter.  Mario Williams seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0).

Mario Williams made a motion to close the Executive session and go into Open Session.  Beverly Burks seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0).

Beverly Burks made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jamie Carroll seconded the motion.  A vote was called and the motion carried (6, 0).

Meeting adjourned.


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