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where possibilities grow

Special Session Meeting 6-29-17 6PM

Thursday June 29, 2017-6:00pm
Officials Present
Vice-Mayor: Dean Moore
Council: Awet Eyasu, Ahmed Hassan, Jamie Carroll
City Manager: Keith Barker 
City Clerk: Tracy Ashby 
Vice Mayor Dean Moore called the meeting to order at 6:10pm.
F1) Millage Rate 2017- Presentation & Public Hearing to take comment on the proposed 2017 millage rate.
The City Manager gave a presentation on the proposed 2017 Millage rate.
Vice Mayor Moore opened the floor for Public Comments
Warren Hadlock asked if the council should consider a higher millage to increase the fund balance.  Mr. Barker detailed that could be a consideration in the future, but that for this millage adoption, the adopted rate could not be higher than the advertised 15.89 mills.
Debbie Gauffman questioned if the DeKalb county school millage rate would increase and Mr. Barker provided the proposed DeKalb County Government and Board of Education rates.  Ms. Gauffman hoped that the council would seek new businesses to move into the City and Mr. Barker detailed that the streetscapes project is expected to assist with promoting future business growth.
No further public comments.
Vice Mayor Moore closed the public hearing. 
Meeting adjourned.
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