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Quality of Life


Sandra HinesPurpose: Is to provide fair and consistent enforcement of all municipal; environmental; building/housing and zoning codes within the residential and commercial areas.

Contact information
Sandra Hines
3620 Montreal Creek Ct 
Clarkston, Georgia 30021
Phone: 404-296-6489

  This is accomplished by:

  • Patrolling residential/commercial areas issuing a warning notice of violation to parties of interest after determining the existence of a violation on said property.
  • Removing all prohibited signage attached to utility poles and that is in the right-of-way.
  • Issuing citations to parties of interest for continued non compliance and repeat violations.
  • Performing inspections as it relates to applications for occupational tax; certificate of occupancy; signage (temporary/permanent/nonconforming); zoning compliance and demolition trade permits.
  • Performing storm water related inspections of both food and non food facilities. Working with the public works department to identify and to correct storm water related issues.
  • Performing soil & erosion inspections at all construction and development sites.
  • Producing monthly and annual stat reports for the city manager regarding all QOL activities.
  • Building and maintaining case files and records (hard copies & digital).
  • Working with members of the city staff and under the direction of the city manager in researching and reviewing current ordinances making recommendations for new and revisions.

General Scope of Work:

  • The QOL Officer patrol’s the residential and commercial areas in an effort to provide proactive enforcement through performing site inspections to determine if a violation exists and responding through appropriate actions.

  • In addition to proactive enforcement, QOL Officer Patrol’s residential and commercial areas in response to written complaints received regarding potential violations. All written complaints are followed up with site inspections and appropriate actions.



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