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Domestic Partnership

On November 6, 2013, the Mayor and City Council approved a resolution to grant the official recognition and registry of same-sex, as well as, opposite sex partnerships, of residents living within the City of Clarkston. 
Pursuant to the resolution, couples can make an appointment with the City Clerk to verify residency, complete a Declaration of Committment for Domestic Partnership and the couple will then be issued a "Certificate of Domestic Partnership" signed by the Mayor. This Certificate may make it easier for couples to show evidence to receive healthcare benefits, gain hospital visitation rights and access to other rights already afforded to married couples. There is no fee charged for this certificate.
Residents of Clarkston are able to request a Domestic Partnership Certificate by contacting the City Clerk to arrange an appointment at the City Hall Annex during normal business hours.  Each applicant will need to bring:
1. An acceptable ID form (State or Government issued)
2. Proof of joint residency (i.e. utility bill, bank statement, tax bill, property deed, current check stub, State ID) that shows both applicants residence at the same City of Clarkston address.
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