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DeKalb County School System operates Clarkston's public


Young Years Learning Center (Private)

Amazing World of Learning CC (Private)

Elementary Schools:
Indian Creek Elementary School (Public)

Indian Creek School opened in 1961 to serve the Clarkston community. Our student population is diverse, with children who were born in the United States and around the world. The dynamics of our multi-cultural population help us to enjoy being a wonderful learning center that is focused on helping our students continually improve in their academic achievement.

Over the years, the school has been renovated several times and substantially enlarged with three additions. The newest addition to our campus is the multi-purpose building, which opened in late 2001. This building is used for Physical Education and for student assemblies.

Dr. Antonette Campbell, Principal
Grades preK–5

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724 N. Indian Creek Drive
Clarkston, GA  30021

Hours: Monday–Friday 8:15 AM–2:20 PM

Phone Numbers

  • 678.676.5702
  • 678.676.5710 (fax)
  • 678.676.5700 (info)
  • 678.676.5707 (clinic)
  • 678.676.5728 (cafeteria)

Jolly Elementary School (Public)

Jolly Elementary School, which opened in 1968, is a neighborhood school located on the outskirts of the city of Clarkston. The student population represents a variety of cultures and nationalities. The Jolly faculty and staff are committed to providing a premier learning environment that addresses the specific needs of diverse learners.

location of school within DeKalb CountyRobert Moseley, Principal
Grades preK–5

1070 Otello Avenue
Clarkston, GA  30021

Hours: Monday–Friday 7:45 AM–2:15 PM

Phone Numbers

  • 678.676.5802
  • 678.676.5810 (fax)
  • 678.676.5800 (info)
  • 678.676.5807 (clinic)
  • 678.676.5828 (cafeteria)

Middle Schools:
Freedom Middle School (Public)

Freedom Middle School opened on January 8, 2001, in a beautiful new facility. The school is located on 63 acres near the intersection of Hairston and Rockbridge Roads with lots of room for athletics and other student pursuits. All of our students are assigned to interdisciplinary teams where teachers focus on the best possible learning strategies to meet the instructional needs and learning styles of middle school children. The school's colors are green and gold, and the school mascot is the ram.

location of school within DeKalb CountyCorey Davidson, Principal
Grades 6–8

505 South Hairston Road
Stone Mountain, GA  30088

Hours: Monday–Friday 8:40 AM–4:10 PM

Phone Numbers

  • 678.874.8702
  • 678.874.8710 (fax)
  • 678.874.8700 (info)
  • 678.874.8726 (counseling)
  • 678.874.8736 (cafeteria)

High Schools:
Clarkston High School (Public)

Clarkston High School is in central DeKalb County in the diverse community of Clarkston. The high school has a rich history. The school mascot, the Angora, is unique in Georgia, with no other school carrying this name or logo. The school colors are green and gold, reflecting an ever-rich, ever-fresh learning environment. Clarkston High School students come from more than 54 countries and speak 47 languages. The DeKalb School System's only Hearing Impaired Program for high school students is housed at CHS.

location of school within DeKalb CountyMs. Michelle Jones, Principal
Grades 9–12

618 N. Indian Creek Drive
Clarkston, GA  30021

Hours: Monday–Friday 7:55 AM–3:15 PM

Phone Numbers

  • 678.676.5302
  • 678.676.5310 (fax)
  • 678.676.5300 (info)
  • 678.676.5311 (attendance)
  • 678.676.5326 (counseling)
  • 678.676.5336 (cafeteria)


Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (Private)

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