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Recycling & Sanitation

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Sanitation Department
-  *Effective 8/1/2011

Refuse picked up on Mondays, except for Holidays, visit Waste Management Holiday Schedule & enter zip 30021

No refuse should be placed at the street for pickup until 5:00 PM on the Sunday prior to the Monday pickup. (City Ordinance Article 5, Sec. 19-73)   
NOTE: Any refuse placed at the street for pickup by Waste Management before the weekend is subject to collection by Public Works.  The resident at the location will receive an invoice covering the cost when this special pickup is required. 

Recycled material picked up day on Monday, except for Holidays. Refer to the yellow lid on your recycle container for materials accepted.
Waste Management Letter Regarding GlassWaste Management Letter Regarding Glass

Yard Waste

1. Yard waste will be picked up with the waste and must be at the curb before 7:00AM on Monday.


  • Grass clippings and leaves must be in bags or placed loose in a separate container labeled “Yard Waste.”
  • Individual limbs cannot be greater than 4 ft. long and 4 inches in diameter.
  • Limbs must be bundled and tied with rope or string.
  • Bundles may not exceed 40 lbs.
  • Waste Management cannot pick up loose limbs if not prepared appropriately.  
2. When not bundled and loose, these items will require a “special pickup” by the Public Works Department and a minimum fee of $25.00 will be charged to the property owner. Please call City Hall if you should have any questions on these guidelines. (404-296-6489)
3. A weekly limit of (6) six bags, bundles or combination of the two including trash bin and recycle bin for a total of eight items.
NOT ACCEPTABLE: tree trunks, stumps, limbs greater than 4 inches in diameter, whole trees, logs, dirt, and rocks. Contact City Hall if you should have any questions. (404-296-6489) 

Bulky Waste
Items such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, washers, dryers, and other household goods will be accepted on your service day (Monday).  Please contact City Hall prior to your pick up day to schedule bulky waste service.

However, refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, and other items containing Freon are not acceptable. You may contact Newell Recycling of Gwinnett to recycle these items (770) 446-6883.
Construction materials will not be picked up by Waste Management or the City.

Special Pick Up
Single bulky items will be picked up by Waste Management.  Multiple items for single pick-up requires a Special Pick Up which is an additional charge. I.e. couch, mattress, loveseat, chair etc. Contact City Hall to request a Special Pick up.

The City will conduct a weekly trash/refuse survey to insure the quality of service provided by Waste management and to note any violations which may require a “special pickup” by Public Works personnel.
The purpose of these rules governing waste and recycling is to meet our service responsibility to provide the best in health, safety, protection of property values and Quality of Life of all who reside in or visit the City of Clarkston.  Again, please feel free to call City Hall (404-296-6489) with any questions on this or any other concern you may have.

Recycling 101
Waste Management Recycling Brochure
Contamination Recycling Flyer- Improper sorting can cause your load to be contaminated and to be sent to the landfill
WM Single Stream Recycling- Video discussing the Single Stream Recycling process
Recycling for Kids with WM’s Mr. Cool Can-Help you kids learn about recycling

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