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City of Clarkston - Georgia - where possibilities grow


where possibilities grow

Mayor - Edward "Ted" Terry

Mayor headshot 6 12 17Year Elected: 2013

Tallahassee, FL
Years resided in Clarkston: 4 years (DeKalb County for 10 years)

Profession: Non-Profit Development Consultant 

Community Involvement & Organizations:
Clarkston Active Living Initiative
 Contact Information
City of Clarkston
1055 Rowland St
Clarkston, GA 30021
Ted Terry has spent the last decade working in the public service sector, doing everything from nonprofit consulting for organizations like the Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign and Environment Georgia, to campaign organizing and consulting for state representatives, state senators, county commissioners, school boards members, local officials and a U.S. Congressman. During his time as a fundraiser, Ted personally helped raise millions of dollars for campaigns and causes, always with a focus on uniting individuals and businesses behind common goals for a better society.
As Mayor, Ted has supported initiatives to make Clarkston a more welcoming and compassionate community. Focusing on efforts to empower ordinary residents to be involved in their government. Launching an education task force to propose ideas and innovations for the Clarkston Cluster of Schools, and working with the DeKalb County Board of Education.
Ted has a degree in Food Science & Nutrition and worked his way through college as a nursing assistant at a long-term care facility.
Goals for Clarkston: Clarkston is a city like none other. We boast an amazing array of diverse cultures, businesses and people. We're a neighborly city, we know that by working together we can create the best community possible.
Together, with your support we'll build a Clarkston that is safer, greener and more prosperous. We'll create a community that celebrates our youth, opening doors for their futures. And together, we'll create a Clarkston that our residents will be proud to call home.
Personal Motto: You can't change the world, if you can't change yourself
Favorite Quote: 
 "So, never be afraid. Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion, against injustice and lying and greed. If you … will do this … you will change the earth."
— William Faulkner
mayor delegation
Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry, Councilmember Awet Eyasu and City Manager Keith Barker meet, at Refuge Coffee Truck in downtown Clarkston, with an International delegation from 7 European countries to discuss refugee resettlement issues and build diplomatic ties between each of our communities.
 mayor 1
mayor 2  

Mayor Ted, Congressman Hank Johnson, and Commissioner Mereda Johnson welcome
Syrian Refugees to the Clarkston Community Center.

 Mayor opens garden
mayor ride along 2
  Mayor Ted joins Clarkston's finest for a midnight shift ride along.
 mayor pic

Mayor Ted and volunteers, with the Clarkston Community Center, pick up litter for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

Mayor Tea Walk 2

Mayor Ted Terry   joined 2,000+ supporters of the Center for Pan Asians Community Service (CPACS) for the 10th annual TEA Walk. A walk to bring communities together, empowering each other to make a difference for all Georgians


Mayor TEA Walk





 wedkendrick-X2 4 Mayor Terry meets with State Rep (District 93) Dar'shun Kendrick 
 willow ridge donate  Mayor Terry participates in a clothes and appliance donation day at the Willow Ridge Apt Complex.  The donations benefitted new Americans and other residents of this community by providing much needed winter clothes, baby care items, and kitchen appliances.
 CCC garden area mlk day 2014 Mayor Terry, Councilmember Dean Moore and Clarkston citizens participated in the 2014 MLK Work Day at the Clarkston Community Center.






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