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Obtain Business License

OPEN FOR BUSINESS TWOInstructions for Obtaining An Occupational Tax Certificate 
Pursuant to Articles I and II of the City Code of Clarkston, each person engaged in any business, trade profession or occupation in the City must register the business and pay an Occupational Tax prior to commencing business in the City.  The business location must be zoned for the type of business to be operated and meet all City Code requirements.  The City Code can be reviewed at 

All new businesses must submit application and receive approval from the City of Clarkston, City Hall Annex, 1055 Rowland Street.  New businesses shall estimate the gross volume of revenue from the commencing date to the end of the calendar year.  All renewals for business license are filed and issued City Hall Annex. When a business ceases operation or has a change in ownership, the City Clerk should be notified immediately. Pursuant to Section 11-40 of the City Code, practitioners of professions as classified in O.C.G.A. 48-13-9(c),  shall elect one of the following as their method of calculating Occupational Tax: (a) Flat Fee or (b) Gross Receipts.
 A one hundered dollar ($100.00) application fee is required.  Only complete applications will be accepted.

2018 NEW Business License Application

2018 RENEWALS  at Clarkston City Hall Annex, 1055 Rowland St
2018 RENEWAL BUSINESS LICENSE FORMS(Form -Renewing at Clarkston City Hall Annex)


Information/Documents Required to Complete Application

  • Evidence of inspection from the DeKalb County Fire Marshall – 404-371-3010 or 404-371-9256
  • Georgia Sales Tax Number for Retail Sales.  For more information for Georgia Department of Revenue,  call 404-417-4490 or visit their website Georgia Department of Revenue
  • A Federal Employer Identification Number (Federal ID Number) issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 
  • If the applicant is not the property owner, a letter of approval or lease from the property owner.
  • Each person licensed by the Secretary of State pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated or a Georgia Administrative Agency shall provide evidence of proper and current State Licensure.
  • If the business will be operated from a residential property, the applicant must sign a copy of the ordinance pertaining to operating a business from a residence.

Additional Requirements for Food Services:

Building and Sign Permit Information:

  • No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added or structurally altered without a City Building Permit.  Applications are available at City Hall reception desk.
  • Prior to doing any interior renovation requiring an inspection, contact the City Building Official for a letter of permit.
  • A Sign Permit must be obtained to post, display, erect or substantially change any sign in the City. Sign Permit Applications are available at the City Hall reception desk.
  • Contact the City of Clarkston Public Works Department to determine if your business qualifies for sanitation services by the City or if you must arrange for service by a commercial sanitation contractor.
  • After City Code and Zoning approval, a new business must be inspected by DeKalb County Fire Marshall.  For more information call 404-371-2611 or 404-371-2010.

Professions as Classified in O.C.G.A. §48-13-9(c) Paragraphs 1-18

Pursuant to Section 11-40 of the City Code, practitioners of professions as classified in O.C.G.A. 48-13-9(c), paragraphs 1 through 18, (see below) shall elect one of the following as their method of calculating Occupational Tax: (a) Flat Fee or (b) Gross Receipts.

  1. Lawyer
  2. Physicians licensed under Chapter 34 of Title 43
  3. Osteopath licensed under Chapter 34 of Title 43
  4. Chiropractor
  5. Podiatrist
  6. Dentist
  7. Optometrist
  8. Psychologist
  9. Veterinarian
  10. Landscape Architect
  11. Land Surveyor
  12. Practitioner of Physiotherapy
  13. Public Accountant
  14. Embalmer
  15. Funeral Director
  16. Civil, mechanical, Hydraulic or Electrical Engineer
  17. Architect
  18. Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker and Professional Counselors
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