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Press Release - Hurricane Irma Clean Up

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  Media Contacts:

Terry Sanders, Special Projects Coordinator, City of Clarkston
470.244.5355, tsanders@cityofclarkston.com

Keith Barker, City Manager, City of Clarkston
                                                                                        404.296.6489, kbarker@cityofclarkston.com



 City of Clarkston Irma Clean Up

Starting Monday, September 18th through Monday, October 8th, the City of Clarkston will pick up residential storm debris including yard trimming such as leaves, twigs branches and limbs. Branches and limbs must be trimmed and cut to a maximum of 4 feet stacked neatly at the curb or placed in an approved receptacle. Trees must be cut as small as possible so that each piece does not exceed a maximum of 50 pounds. Tree limbs that are cut by professional or hired contractors should not be left at the curb for collection by Waste Management or Clarkston Public Works.

All yard trimmings must be properly prepared for collection and placed in approved receptacles. Approved receptacles include durable metal and plastic containers which must have two durable handles and durable biodegradable paper bags. Paper bags should be folded at the top to minimize rain entering the paper bags. Your trimmings placed in plastic bags will not be collected. The normal Waste Management schedule will resume on Monday, October 18th.

Please contact the City of Clarkston at (404) 296-6489 for additional information if needed.

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