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Clarkston 101

clarkston101Clarkston 101 is a program of classes offered annually by the City of Clarkston to educate citizens about our city government. The goals of the program are:

  • To better acquaint our citizens to the current style and process of municipal government;
  • To encourage citizens to become more involved in the service opportunities in Clarkston; and
  • To make the local government more accessible to the community.

Class Outline: Each class consists of five two-hour evening sessions focusing on specific areas of government. The sessions are conducted in various city buildings, including the police station, public works building and city hall. Classes are limited to 15-20 participants. All sessions will be held in the council chambers at city hall for the welcome and main sessions of instruction followed by tours of various facilities.

There are five (5) scheduled sessions and all of which will be meeting on the third Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at City Hall. Clark 101 inaug grad classhouse

It will be vitally important for you to commit to attend all scheduled sessions.

If you are interested in participating in a future Clarkston 101, email CITY HALL

Applications for Clarkston 101 can be picked up at city hall or downloaded from the website. But submittals will only be accepted by method of dropping the application off at city hall during normal operating business hours. 

Please note that the application will be due into City Hall no later than January 31, 2016.

The class will be formed after a review of every application submitted and since the class size will be limited to fifteen (15) participants, all additional applicants will be added to a waiting list for the 2014 Clarkston 101.

There will be no need for you to submit another application if your name is added to the waiting list.


  • Session #1: The topic will include the history of the city, form of government, the role of the city manager, and strategic plan. Participants will also receive an overview of Clarkston 101 and details of what to expect at each session.

  • Session #2: The topic will include law enforcement and court services providing an overview of the departments and processes. Participants will have a tour of the police station and view some of the equipment Police Officers use on their shift (i.e. vehicles; patty wagon; laser gun; etc.). There will also be a scheduled tour of the DeKalb county jail and police ride-a-longs will be scheduled for participants.

  • Session #3: The topic will include administration and includes a tour of the city hall. Participants will learn about the administrative services department including budget, taxes, millage rate, technology, accounting & revenue. County tax representative will be speaking on the process of property appraisals and building the tax digest.

  • Session #4: The topic will include planning and development; permits and inspections. Participants will learn an overview of process regarding to permits, codes and the planning/zoning process. Participants will also participate in a mock planning/zoning board meeting led by the planning and development manager.

  • Session #5: The topic will include utilities; sanitation; storm water and public works. Participants will learn about the utilities that are under the direction of DeKalb county and tour their facility; will learn about the sanitation services by waste management and tour their facility and landfill; will learn about the public works department touring its facility and viewing a sampling of tools and equipment used; and will learn about the city’s storm water program that is under the direction of the public works department.
Urban Land Institute: Opportunity to hear  from a panel of experts as they provided technical assistance to our city regarding development.
DeKalb County Jail: Tour of the Deklab County jail after the Law Enforcement session.
Police ride-a-long: There will be an opportunity for participants of Clarkston 101 to schedule a ride-a-long with a police officer prior to session #2.
Sanitation Services: Tour of the facility at Waste Management and landfill prior to session #5.
Watershed Management: Visit to DeKalb Water Treatment Facility


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