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A parents' guide to identifying drugs

Some are powders. Some are liquids. And still others are lurking underneath the kitchen sink. No matter their form, drugs present a real danger to today's children and young adults. But to take the best next steps, you've got to be able to identify what you're dealing with first.

And, that's where we can help. If you've found an unlabeled pill in your son's bookbag, or noticed an unusual vial in your daughter's bathroom drawer, the City of Clarkston drug database may be able to help you begin to identify the suspicious substance.

Keep in mind that illicit, prescription and over-the-counter drugs come in a variety of forms and preparations. Many preparations are found only in hospitals, and new forms as well as new ways of using existing forms are being developed all the time.

Amphetamines Barbiturates Bath Salts or Designer
Cathinones (Synthetic Stimulants)
 Cannabis Cocaine Depressants  Dextromethorphan (DXM)
 Ecstasy or MDMA GHB  Hallucinogens Heroin
Hydrocodone  Hydromorphone  Inhalants  K2 or Spice
 Ketamine Khat  Kratom  LSD
 Marijuana Methodone   Methamphetamine Morphine
Narcotics  Opium  Oxycodone  PCP
 Peyote and Mescaline Psilocybin  Rohypnol  Salvia Divinorum
Steroids  Stimulants 
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