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Shirley Green IMG 8918Clarkston Municipal Court has jurisdiction over violations of State law and local ordinances that occur within the city limits of Clarkston, Georgia. These violations include most traffic related violations, various misdemeanors and city ordinances.  The judge can assign fines, fees and/or incarceration if the person is found guilty.

Utilizing the most steadfast technology, the Administration of Clarkston Municipal Court is committed to ensuring the accuracy of all court records, account for all fines and fees receipted in a transparent manner, and strive to provide expeditious, fair and reliable adjudication of all cases while providing courteous customer service to its customers and community in a professional manner.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Planning & Development department is to support balanced and innovative development within the city and provide for future growth. The main goal of the department is to protect and strengthen the community and neighborhoods while also encouraging innovative business and real estate development that will broaden the City’s tax base, create and retain jobs, and provide for high-quality land development that will enhance the quality of life in Clarkston both today and in the future. 


Sandra HinesPurpose: Is to provide fair and consistent enforcement of all municipal; environmental; building/housing and zoning codes within the residential and commercial areas.

Rodney Beck IMG 8845The Public Works Department is dedicated to providing Clarkston citizens with the quality of government service they would expect and deserve.  The Public Works Department is responsible for street and storm water infrastructure, right-of-way maintenance, repair and maintenance of the City’s fleet of vehicles and buildings and special trash removal.

Dan defnallpinOct2013Administration of the City's financial matters is the responsibility of the Finance Department. The Finance Director of the City and advises the City Manager and the City Council on financial matters. This department maintains the City's accounting records, collects and invests City revenues, pays invoices, handles purchasing functions of the City, and reports on the City's financial status to the City Manager and City Council. 

The Finance Director is responsible for processing payroll, cash disbursements, cash receipts, recording financial transactions, banking and cash management. The Finance Director is also responsible for the assisting the City Manager to develop the City's annual Operating and Capital Improvement Program Budget. The budget is adopted by the City Council and is the guiding policy document governing financial decisions for the City. Additional responsibilities include providing other City Departments assistance in preparing, tracking, reporting, and monitoring their individual budgets.

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