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where possibilities grow

Senior Advisory Committee appAt the March 6th Regular Meeting, the Clarkston City Council formed the Clarkston Senior Resident Advisory Committee. The Council understands the valuable and important role that seniors play in creating a sustainable community.  The mission of the Clarkston Senior Resident Advisory Committee will be to advise the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager regarding issues affecting Clarkston’s senior residents. The CSRA committee shall study, assess and render advice regarding plans and City programs related to seniors, and shall bring forth any issues or concerns to the City’s elected officials in order to better serve senior residents.
The CSRA Committee membership will consist of eight (8) Clarkston resident members (three (3) will be appointed by the Mayor, and five (5) who shall be appointed by a majority vote of the City Council).  Additionally, two City Council member (appointed by a majority vote of the City Council) will serve on the CSRA Committee. 
All members of the CSRA shall be residents of the City of Clarkston.  There is No Age Requirement to serve on the CSRA Committee. 
All appointments to the CSRA shall be for a two (2) year term. Members may be removed or replaced at the discretion of the Mayor or City Council consistent with the original appointing authority. 
The City Council appointees to the Clarkston Senior Resident Advisory Committee shall serve as the primary liaison between the CSRA and the Clarkston City Council and staff. 
City of Clarkston residents wishing to be considered for appointment to the Clarkston Senior Residents Advisory Committee must complete the CSRA application **, along with a letter of interest and resume or statement of qualifications, and submit by mail, or email to Tracy Ashby at tashby@cityofclarkston.com.  Applications will be accepted until the Committee positions are properly filled.  Please check back for the status of the Committee formation.
** Application can be typed in and printed out or saved as a pdf.  Application is not  a direct submit form. 
CLogoPD colorAre you a resident of Clarkston with a desire to have a lasting, positive impact on your community's future?  If so, serving on the City's Planning & Zoning Board may be the perfect opportunity for you!  The Planning and Zoning Board, or "P&Z" for short, is responsible for assisting City Council by making initial recommendations on proposed zoning actions (rezoning, variance, etc.) upon review by City Staff.  Additionally, all requests for permanent signage are brought before P&Z for consideration.  Overall, serving on P&Z is an opportunity to become engaged and to learn about the process behind the development and use of property within the City.  
Currently there is one (1) vacant post on the Planning & Zoning Board.  We are accepting applications from interested individuals.  The candidates must be current residents of the City.  Candidates must be formally nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council at a regular Council Meeting in order to be appointed to the Board.  
If interested, please complete the  Planning & Zoning Committee Application along with a letter of interest and resume or statement of qualifications, via email to Tracy Ashby at tashby@cityofclarkston.com.  These items will be accepted until the vacant position is properly filled.  
Regular Council and Work Session Meeting and Public Comment Policy
The Work Session will begin at 7:00PM in the Clarkston Council Room.
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